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$1 mil invested for film about Vietnamese intelligence general


A US$1 million 30-episode TV series on revered Vietnamese intelligence general Pham Xuan An will be made.


The First News Publisher said that the publisher, American history professor Larry Berman, Colonel Tu Cang , the chief of the H63 intelligence group andCat Tien Sa Media Group signed an agreement on April 24.

The publisher and professor Larry Berman carried out a series of programsabout “Perfect spy X6 – the incredible double life of Pham Xuan An “. The film is a part of the program.

The 120-minute TV film called “Perfect Spy X6″ features the biography of Pham Xuan An told by Larry Berman who wrote about a year of his life.

Cat Tien Sa Media group representative said that the film is not of commercial but grateful to a legendary spy like Pham Xuan An who is respected by Vietnamese people and international friends.

The film is expected to air on Sept. 2, 2015.



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